• SKUNK KUSH fem - Sensi Seeds
    SKUNK KUSH fem - Sensi...
    New selection of Skunk sublime. Great power and unsurpassed flavor due to the work of several generations that gives different touch to this Skunk. Flowering indoor: 50-60 days. Outdoor Harvest:...
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  • JACK FLASH 5 fem - Sensi Seeds
    JACK FLASH 5 fem -...
    Hybrid crosses from Jack Herer and Super Skunk x Haze. Sativa dominant class. Full, fresh and easy. Flowering indoor: 55-75 days.
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  • BIG DEVIL XL auto - Sweet Seeds
    BIG DEVIL XL auto -...
    Big Devil XL autoflowering 3rd Generation. A cross between a Big Devil # 2 and Jack Herer auto. Achieving greater autoflowering plant production.
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  • INDIGO BERRY KUSH fem - Sweet Seeds
    Cross between So G Kush (OG Kush x LA Confidential x Trainwreck) x Blue Monster (Blueberry '99 x Black Domina '98). Spectacular cannabis indica dominant variety, which grows with a large central...
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  • HONEY PEACH CBD auto - Sweet Seeds
    HONEY PEACH CBD auto -...
    Autoflowering medicinal marijuana seeds from Honey Peach CBD. Variety rich in CBD with THC:CBD ratios between 1:1 - 1:1.5. Born from the cross between a photo-dependent elite clone with high levels...
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  • BLACK JACK auto - Sweet Seeds
    BLACK JACK auto -...
    Autoflowering new version of our Black Jack. Result of crossing S.A.D. Auto with our Jack Herer. Automatic top quality. Outdoor growing period April to October. Flowering indoor: 9 weeks from...
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  • BLACK CREAM auto - Sweet Seeds
    BLACK CREAM auto -...
    This new autoflowering variety is a cross between Cream Caramel x purple flowers genetic auto part hence The Red Family of Sweet Seeds. Harvest: 8 weeks from germination.
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  • DARK DEVIL auto - Sweet Seeds
    DARK DEVIL auto -...
    Dark Devil autoflowering is part of the new Red family of Sweet Seeds. Big Devil XL x exotic genetic R & D Buddha Seeds. Yield: 8 ½ weeks from germination.
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  • Cream Caramel auto
    Cream Caramel auto
    New version of Cream Caramel autoflowering. Result of crossing our best strains autoflowering with Caramel Cream. A delight for the palate. Outdoor growing period April to October. Flowering...
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  • BLOODY SKUNK auto - Sweet Seeds
    BLOODY SKUNK auto -...
    Autoflowering marijuana seeds from The Red Family. Crossing between Sweet Skunk x Red Poison. Very easy to grow this cannabis plant is ready for harvest in just 8-9 weeks from germination. High...
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  • CRITICAL KUSH reg - Barney's Farm
    CRITICAL KUSH reg -...
    The monstrous Critical Kush now available in regular seeds. This spectacular variety of cannabis born from the crossing between OG Kush x Critical Mass (Mr. Nice) that has filled countless...
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  • BLUE CHEESE auto - Barney's Farm
    BLUE CHEESE auto -...
    Genetics: BFR1 / Blue Cheese. Marijuana plant that is ready to harvest after 65-75 days from germination. You can easily reach 80 cm producing up to 80 gr / plant. Powerful sedative effect with...
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Welcome to Barcelona Seed Center, the first shop dedicated solely to marihuana seeds and cannabis vaporizers. We have an extensive selection of the best cannabis seed banks in the world, all our stock has a special freshness by its constant renewal due to the strategic location of our shop at number 29 of the street Avinyo in Barcelona city. Also as users and fans of vaporizers, we have a wide range of marijuana vaporizers who really work, to spare you bad experiences.

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New products

  • SKUNK KUSH fem - Sensi Seeds
    SKUNK KUSH fem - Sensi Seeds
    13.00 €
  • JACK FLASH 5 fem - Sensi Seeds
    JACK FLASH 5 fem - Sensi Seeds
    15.00 €
  • BIG DEVIL XL auto - Sweet Seeds
    BIG DEVIL XL auto - Sweet Seeds
    29.50 €



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